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    Apr 2013
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    Applications now available!

    Discovery Lab is Looking for New Talent Students Applications for the Discovery Lab are available now available until Sunday, April 14 2013. To apply check the Brochure and the Application Form, and email your resume and application to Discovery Lab (discoverylab@cis.fiu.edu) or bring them directly ...
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  2. 29
    Jan 2013

    Director of Discovery Lab, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim visits KAIST and Osaka University

    Accompanied by Jeremy Robins, Telebot's founding donor, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim visited KAIST and Osaka University to discuss further collaboration between FIU and the two universities.
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    Nov 2012

    TeleBot Simulator

    Telebot Simulation Job commissioned by the Florida International University Discovery Lab from the Game Developers Guild to build a mini-game simulation of their telebot. City Model by: Turnpike101 Telebot Model Provided by: Discovery Lab http://users.cis.fiu.edu/~fhern006/GDG/projects/teleb...
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  4. 26
    Oct 2012

    TeleBot Animation

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  5. 26
    Oct 2012

    NEWS: 美서 로보캅 나온다

    美서 로보캅 나온다ZDNet Korea 원문 기사전송 2012-09-30 01:58 최종수정 2012-09-30 12:49 관심지수1글씨 확대글씨 축소 당신이 이중주차를 하고는 누군가를 태우려고 기다리고 있을 때 로봇이 다가와서 티켓을 발부한다고 위협하면 당신은 웃을지도 모른다. 하지만 놀랍게도 이 로봇은 당신에게 사누군가 람같은 목소리...
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    Oct 2012
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    Deccan Herald - Robot to help disabled US cops patrol streets

    London, Oct 4, 2012, PTI: A team of scientists including one of Indian-origin is working on a real-life ‘Robocop’ that would enable injured or disabled US police to patrol the streets and combat crime. Injured policemen or soldiers will be wired up to the ‘PatrolBot’ which will effectively give them ...
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  7. 26
    Oct 2012

    Gizmag - The first Robocop could be a telepresence robot

    Telepresence robots are already making their way into space and operating rooms and onto the battlefield, but Jeremy Robbins, a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, wants to get telepresence robots (or telebots) on the mean streets to combat crime. He’s enlisted the help of researchers at ...
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    Oct 2012

    NBC News - Robo-cops may fight crime in the future – but it’s not what you think

    A robot with a badge may soon patrol city streets, write parking tickets and Taser criminals, but don’t worry: these robo-cops will have the smarts, eyes and ears of trained police officers at the controls. "This will be operated remotely by another person. The robot is not going to go and random...
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  9. 26
    Oct 2012

    Yahoo News - Robot police drones could put disabled cops back on the beat

    SOURCE: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/robot-police-drones-could-put-disabled-cops-back-042902220.html Sat, Sep 29, 2012 In the classic sci-fi action movie "RoboCop" (watch on Netflix), severely injured police officer Alex Murphy returns to duty as a cyborg — a robot body with a human...
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  10. 26
    Oct 2012

    FIU News - FIU Discovery Lab telebots could help disabled officers, veterans

    source: http://news.fiu.edu/2012/09/fiu-discovery-lab-telebots-could-help-disabled-officers-veterans/42804 Jeremy Robins wants to use robots to bring disabled law enforcement officers back to the force. To bring his idea to life he’s so far given researchers at FIU’s Discovery Lab $20,000 of his own ...
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