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Dr. Nagarajan Prabakar

is currently an associate professor in school of computing and information science, Florida International University. He received a Ph.D form Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia in 1985.
He received a M.E. from Automation, Indian Institute of Science, India and B.E. from Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Annamalai University, India in 1979 and in 1977 respectively. His research interests are distributed Sensor Networks, Grid Computing, Computer Networks, Image Processing for Spatial Data, and Multimedia Databases.

Honors and Awards

  • School of Computing and Information Sciences Excellence in Service Award, 2011
  • Teaching Incentive Program Award at Florida International University, 1995
  • University of Queensland M.I.M. Holdings Ltd. prize for attaining the highest level of academic achievement in Computer Science Postgraduate Studies, 1982 and 1984
  • University of Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarship, 1981 - 1984
  • Gold medal for securing the first rank in B.E. at Annamalai University, 1977

Research Interests

  • Distributed Sensor Networks
  • Grid Computing
  • Computer Networks
  • Image Processing for Spatial Data
  • Multimedia Databases

Background Education

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia
M.E., Automation, Indian Institute of Science, India
B.E., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Annamalai University, India

Professional Experience

Aug 1991 - present
Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199
Aug 1985 - Aug 1991
Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199
Aug 1984 - Aug 1985
Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199
Jul 1981 - Aug 1984
Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia
Nov 1979 - Jul 1981
Assistant Executive Engineer, Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore, India

Professional Services


  • Subject area coordinator: 2003 - present
    Responsible to review and revise the syllabi, update textbooks, and review instructor evaluations & students’ feedback and write assessment summary for the courses.
    IT Database area:
    • CGS-4366 (Information Retrieval and Storage Concepts)
    • COP-4723 (Database Administration) COP-4722 (Survey of Database Systems)
    IT Systems area:
    • CGS-3767 (Computer Operating Systems)
    • COP-3348 (Introduction to Using Unix/Linux Systems) COP-4343 (Unix System Administration)
  • Undergraduate Committee Chair: 2006 – present
    Responsible for the undergraduate curriculum of both Computer Science and Information Technology programs including review of new courses, degree programs, and dependencies among courses, and make recommendations on assessment reports.
    In Spring 2010, restructured the IT Curriculum to meet ABET requirements.
    Compensation: One course release per year
  • Human Resources Committee Member: 2011 – present

College wide:

  • College Curriculum Committee Chair: 2010 – present
    Created a web site for the College Curriculum Committee at and streamlined the meeting process. Further, this enabled transparency of the entire committee operations (documents, minutes, resolutions) for the entire college and drastically cut down the number of paper copies made for the meetings.
  • College Curriculum Committee Vice Chair: 2009 - 2010
    Coordinated the curriculum interaction for the college with the Faculty Senate office
  • College Curriculum Committee Representative for SCIS: 2008 - present
    Coordinated and submitted the following curriculum proposals on behalf of SCIS:
    • Eight new courses
    • New graduate program (MS in IT)
    • Program changes to BS in CS, SDD Track, BS in IT
    • Twenty five course changes

University wide:

  • Faculty Senator: 2011 – present
  • Faculty Senate Nominating Committee Member: 2011 – present
  • University Curriculum Committee Chair: 2010 – present
    • Corrected the security feature of curriculum proposal forms (pdf files) that are fillable and now saveable using the standard Acrobat Reader. This simplifies the process of correcting any error in curriculum proposals.
    • Designed curriculum bulletin calendars for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.
    • For each university curriculum bulletin,
    • Reviewed all UG and grad curriculum proposals
    • Scheduled hearing for all new programs/majors/tracks
    • Chaired the hearing and coordinated revisions to proposals
    • Presented curriculum related motions at the senate meetings
    Initiated the Paperless Curriculum Project in coordination with the Vice Provost of Academic Planning, UTS IT Specialist, Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant, and Registrar Coordinator.
  • Undergraduate Studies Global Learning Foundation Courses Committee Chair: 2010 – present
    Created a web site for the Global Learning Foundation course proposals at and coordinated feedback from the committee members and authors of the course proposals and got five Global Learning courses approved.
  • Faculty Advisor for Panther Linux User Group: 2009 – present
    Established the student Linux organization in Summer 2009
    Facilitated students to present about Linux features in several presentations
    Organized Linux Installation Festivals to promote Linux system to new users in FIU
    I gave presentations on “Automated Backup for Linux Systems” on 3/31/11 and on “Linux with Virtual Machines” on 9/6/11. Activities of PLUG are disseminated through the google group and the web site

Community wide:

  • Judge for South Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair
    Reviewed and evaluated ten Science projects on January 22, 2011
    Miami-Dade College, North Campus
  • Open Access Online Tutorial for Computer Science and Engineering Courses
    Compiled online video lectures for most of the computer science and engineering related courses and made them available at for all students in the College of Engineering and Computing since Fall 2010.
  • Raised fund ($1,245) for Haiti Earth-quake Relief Efforts
    By participating ING Marathon in Jan 2010 ( )
  • Raised fund ($1,175) for Children in Africa
    By participating ING Marathon in Jan 2011 ( )

Selected Publications

(list of all papers)
  1. R. Rangaswami, S.M. Sadjadi, N. Prabakar , and Y. Deng:'Automatic generation of user-centric multimedia communication services'. Toappear in Proceedings of the 26th IEEE International Performance Computingand Communications Conference (IPCCC) , New Orleans, April 2007.

  2. V. Hristidis, P.J. Clarke, N. Prabakar , Y. Deng, J.A.White, R.P. Burke: 'A Flexible Approach for Electronic Medical Records Exchange'. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Health Information and KnowledgeManagement (HIKM) , in conjunction with ACM CIKM, pp. 33-40, 2006

  3. Y. Deng, S.M. Sadjadi, P.J. Clarke, C. Zhang, V. Hristidis, R.Rangaswami, and N. Prabakar : 'A communication virtual machine'. Proceedingsof the 30th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference(COMPSAC 2006) , Chicago, pp. 521-531, September 2006.

  4. P.J. Clarke, V. Hristidis, Y. Wang, N. Prabakar , and Y.Deng: 'A Declarative Approach for Specifying User-Centric Communication'. Proceedingsof the International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems(CTS 2006) , Las Vegas, pp. 89-98, MAY 2006.

  5. G. Paschos, I. Radev, and N. Prabakar : 'ImageContent-Based Retrieval Using Chromaticity Moments'. IEEE Trans. onKnowledge and Data Engg. Vol. 15, No. 5, pp. 1069-1072, 2003.

Nagarajan Prabakar.jpg

Name: Nagarajan Prabakar, Associate Professor

Phone: 305-348-2033

Office Info: ECS 382

Office Hours: M/W: 3-5pm, 9:15-10pm OR BY APPT



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