April 12th 2014 Register HERENational Robotics Week is coming to Florida International University. This series of robotics events hosted by School of Computing & Informat... ...more
The Department of Computer Science hosted an event to honor the work of its staff and student members. One of the awards was for the Discovery Lab, for our work and the impact it ca... ...more
Thank you for all student members, volunteers, and staff for hosting an open house event as part of the National Robotics Week for an enthusiastic 230 registered attendees.
FIU's Discovery Lab will be hosting a public showcase event on April 12, 2014. TelebotRegister HERE Innovation across multiple disciplines, has made Discovery Lab the leading Robotics-Innovation Research Lab of South Florida. Founded in 2012, Discovery Lab has gained visibility and recognition from across the world. Within two years, Discovery Lab has caught the attention of over 300 media outlets...
The Discovery Lab participated in the FSU held Discovery Lab for 2014. We went to represent FIU in one of Florida's biggest hackathons. It was a great opportunity for FIU students to proudly show their skills in programming and their quick wit for problem solving.