Discovery Lab is Looking for New Talented Students

Applications for the 2014 Discovery Lab Student members will be accepted until Sunday, February 9th 2014.

To apply complete the application form, and email your resume and application to Discovery Lab ( or bring them directly to the lab (ECS-232). 

We encourage you to visit our GC Pit Event ( Feb 3rd, 10AM - 2PM at GC Pit) and submit it at the event desk.

Application : MembershipApplicantInformation.pdf

Areas of Interest

A. Robotics Project

   - TeleBot Project ( Project Demo Video : ) -

     1) Robot Design & Manufacturing 

     2) Circuit Design & Embedded Programming

     3) Robot Motion Controlling

     4) Robot Vision Controlling

     5) Human-Robot-Interface Design & Programming

  -  UAV Project -

     1) UAV Design & Programming


     1) Mathematical physics 

     2) Physic Simulation Programming

C. Smart Home Project

     1) Home Automation System Development

     2) Sensor Network

D. Event & Public Relation 

     1) Web and Event Management 

     2) Media Relations

     3) Public Relations

  1. 16
    Feb 2014

    National Fox News "America's Newsroom" - Real-life 'Robocop' helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work

     Feb. 12th 2014, National Fox News "America's Newsroom" introduced our TeleBot project with the title - Real-life 'Robocop' helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work - TeleBot Project Contributors Faculty Advisor Dr. JongHoon Kim (Director of Discovery Lab and TeleBot Project Manage...
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  2. 13
    Feb 2014

    Discovery Channel's Documentary on the Telebot

    The Discovery Channel visited us at the lab a few months back to do an Documentary on our work. The final video was aired yesterday and the clip will be online very soon. We will present the video here as soon as possible. They captured the essence of the Telebot in a few minutes of video and success...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views3014 file
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  3. 13
    Feb 2014

    Recent Public Media

    With the recent release of the RoboCop Movie, and it's similarities to our Telebot, we had the fantastic opportunity to give a quick demo at the premier of the movie. We have to thank the Sonny Pictures associates for offering us this great opportunity. We made a small skit to show the capabilities o...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views1211 file
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  4. 11
    Feb 2014

    "Real-Life Robocops" - TeleBot Story in FlipSide Magazine

    The Telebot has been called the real RoboCop more times than I can count at this point, and they couldn't be more right. Although our research is far from what the movies present, we have great hopes that the Telebot will bring as many benefits as the idea of a robotic body brings to RoboCop. The ide...
    Byhoonywiz Reply0 Views2622 file
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  5. 02
    Feb 2014

    TeleBot Story on the Empire Magazine

    The Discovery Lab's Telebot appeared as part of The Empire Magazine. The article was published with the premiere of the Robocop movie and was called "The real Robocop" by Comrad Emmett. They very much emphasize not only the similarities of Telebot and Robocop, but the differences that could allow ...
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  6. 31
    Jan 2014

    GC Pit Event and Discovery Lab Member Recruitment

    Discovery Lab is Looking for New Talented Students Applications for the 2014 Discovery Lab Student members will be accepted until Sunday, February 9th 2014. To apply complete the application form, and email your resume and application to Discovery Lab ( or bring them dir...
    Byhoonywiz Reply0 Views1897 file
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  7. 06
    Nov 2013

    Discovery Lab Member Recognition

    One of our members, Irvin Cardenas has recently become part of the "Class of 2013 HENAAC Scholars". He has also been recognized by the Great Minds in STEM and Booz Allen Hamilton for his outstanding performance, service and commitment towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics on Octobe...
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  8. 28
    Oct 2013

    Visit by Dr Thomas Sterling.

    On the Morning of October 18, the Discovery Lab had the pleasure of demonstrating our main project, the Telebot, to Dr Thomas Sterling. Dr Sterling is a PhD graduate from MIT and is the current Executive Associate Director and Chief Scientis of CREST at IU. Dr Sterling's many accomplishments include ...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views4681 file
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  9. 22
    Sep 2013

    Easton LaChappelle visits the Discovery Lab

    The Discovery Lab had the pleasure of having Easton LaChappelle working with us here at the lab for a week. Easton LaChappelle is a High School student from Colorado who has quite some experience in the field of animatronics. He had the opportunity to show his research to president Obama in the third...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views38496 file
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  10. 05
    Aug 2013

    Baxter Demo @ the Discovery Lab

    During last week, the Discovery Lab had a demonstration of Baxter, a robot by Rethink Robotics, meant to aid in industrial productions. The machine is a human sized robot, with two robotic arms with adaptable ends for different object sizes and shapes. It is incredibly easy to teach it new movements ...
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