Thank you for all student members, volunteers, and staff for hosting an open house event as part of the National Robotics Week for an enthusiastic 230 registered attendees.


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  1. 14
    Dec 2014

    FIU Discovery Lab Members Build a Decentralized Banking System on Top of Bitcoin

    The four entrepreneurs have combined training in hyper-scale distributed financial systems, decentralized Bitcoin applications, artificial intelligence algorithms, and developing machine learning. The group was drawn from the two universities — Stone Hill College and Florida International Universi...
    Byirvin Reply0 Views39233 file
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  2. 26
    May 2014

    (05-24-2014) The 5th and final Burn Your Brain event of the semester with Discovery Lab Quad-copter team workshop

    On Saturday, May 24, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim and his staff were the main event of our final Burn Your Brain event of the semester. They presented the Discovery Lab's QuadCopter project, showing the 25 attendees the technical ins and outs of building robotic flying devices. The students also learned how to ...
    Byhoonywiz Reply0 Views20387 file
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  3. 15
    May 2014

    The 16th Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics (FCRAR-2014)

    The 16th Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics (FCRAR-2014), May 8 - 9th 2014 Justin Rodriguez and Hunter Michko presented their research, "Design of a Low Cost Emergency Response Bot,” at FCRAR 2014. The ERBot is designed to be an immediate first responder for small fires and attacks on ...
    Byhoonywiz Reply0 Views9514 file
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  4. 14
    Apr 2014

    Discovery Lab: National Robotics - Open House event

    Thank you for all student members, volunteers, and staff for hosting an open house event as part of the National Robotics Week for an enthusiastic 230 registered attendees.
    Byhoonywiz Reply0 Views16638 file
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  5. 10
    Apr 2014

    Are you ready for National Robotics Week 2014?

    FIU's Discovery Lab will be hosting a public showcase event on April 12, 2014. TelebotRegister HERE Innovation across multiple disciplines, has made Discovery Lab the leading Robotics-Innovation Research Lab of South Florida. Founded in 2012, Discovery Lab has gained visibility and recognition from ...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views8754 file
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  6. 10
    Apr 2014

    Discovery Lab at the FSU Hackathon

    The Discovery Lab participated in the FSU held Discovery Lab for 2014. We went to represent FIU in one of Florida's biggest hackathons. It was a great opportunity for FIU students to proudly show their skills in programming and their quick wit for problem solving.
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views5136 file
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  7. 10
    Apr 2014

    Mega TV Visits the DiscoveryLab

    The Discovery Lab was visited by Mega TV for an interview with the Telebot. Mega TV is one of the biggest Hispanic channels in South Florida and is viewed by thousands of people. They wanted to show a more comedic side to our project and we performed a few skits for the camera. It was a great opportu...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views3347 file
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  8. 17
    Mar 2014

    FIU Torch Awards

    The Discovery Lab had the pleasure of presenting and being congratulated at the FIU Torch Awards. President Mark Rosenberg mentioned the Telebot and its uses in his speech and shook the Telebot's hand during the presentation. The event was a great opportunity to show the capabilities of the Telebot ...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views17639 file
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  9. 17
    Mar 2014

    Univision media coverage

    The Telebot was recently presented at Univision, a national Spanish-speaking channel. Through interviews such as this one, the Telebot has reached English speaking audiences and has spread throughout Miami and Latin American Spanish speaking community. The team was able to present the Telebot on li...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views7913 file
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  10. 25
    Feb 2014

    FIU Engineering Expo

    The Discovery Lab had the great opportunity to be present at the 13th Annual FIU Engineering Expo. The expo took place Friday Februay 21 from 9:30 am to 2 pm and hosted a variety of students from all of Miami-Dade and Broward. It was a great opportunity for younger kids to have a taste of the wonders...
    Byjvill188 Reply0 Views9077 file
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