Viability of Indoor Robotic Air Aquariums

ABSTRACT Zoos and aquariums are visited by 700 million people every year;  they are popular tourist locations all around the world and  generate billions of dollars of revenue yearly. More than nine  million people in the US own a small…..

GunBot: Design Concept of a Semi-Autonomous UGV with Omnidirectional Mobility and Auto-Target Tracking

Abstract Modern day firefights during military operations in the Middle East have resulted in a high number of casualties and wounded soldiers due to the exposure of deadly attacks. However, those highly risky activities are inevitable for military operations. Unmanned…..

MobiCon: A Mobile Context-Monitoring Platform

MobiCon: A Mobile Context-Monitoring Platform   Youngki Lee, S.S. Iyengar, Chulhong Min, Younghyun Ju, Seungwoo Kang, Taiwoo Park, Jinwon Lee, Yunseok Rhee, and Junehwa Song Smart mobile devices are the gateway for personal services in the emerging pervasive environment, enabling context-aware…..

On Optimizing Autonomous Pipeline Inspection

On Optimizing Autonomous Pipeline Inspection   Xin Li, Member, IEEE, Wuyi Yu, Student Member, IEEE, Xiao Lin, and S. S. Iyengar, Fellow, IEEE   Abstract—This paper studies the optimal inspection of autonomous robots in a complex pipeline system. We solve…..