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 Guo Qjang Guo Qian is a freshman student attending Cypress Bay High School. She is interested in learning about robotics and programming.

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ScouterBot: Design of a Low Cost Autonomous Ball-boy Robot

Abstract In 2011, 25 million amateur and professional people played tennis in the U.S alone[9]. People enjoy the game so much that they are willing to pay an instructor approximately $20 – $80 per hour[1][7][14] just to learn the tricks…..

Viability of Indoor Robotic Air Aquariums

ABSTRACT Zoos and aquariums are visited by 700 million people every year;  they are popular tourist locations all around the world and  generate billions of dollars of revenue yearly. More than nine  million people in the US own a small…..

GunBot: Design Concept of a Semi-Autonomous UGV with Omnidirectional Mobility and Auto-Target Tracking

Abstract Modern day firefights during military operations in the Middle East have resulted in a high number of casualties and wounded soldiers due to the exposure of deadly attacks. However, those highly risky activities are inevitable for military operations. Unmanned…..

Robotics Workshop 2012

Air Aquarium Technical Video

Air Aquarium FCRAR video