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Discovery Lab at the FSU Hackathon

The Discovery Lab participated in the FSU held Discovery Lab for 2014. We went to represent FIU in one of Florida’s biggest hackathons. It was a great opportunity for FIU students to proudly show their skills in programming and their…..

Mega TV Visits the DiscoveryLab

The Discovery Lab was visited by Mega TV for an interview with the Telebot. Mega TV is one of the biggest Hispanic channels in South Florida and is viewed by thousands of people. They wanted to show a more comedic…..

Discovery Lab: National Robotics – Open House event

Thank you for all student members, volunteers, and staff for hosting an open house event as part of the National Robotics Week for an enthusiastic 230 registered attendees.

FIU Torch Awards

The Discovery Lab had the pleasure of presenting and being congratulated at the FIU Torch Awards. President Mark Rosenberg mentioned the Telebot and its uses in his speech and shook the Telebot’s hand during the presentation. The event was a…..

Univision media coverage

The Telebot was recently presented at Univision, a national Spanish-speaking channel. Through interviews such as this one, the Telebot has reached English speaking audiences and has spread throughout Miami and Latin American Spanish speaking community. The team was able to…..

FIU Engineering Expo

The Discovery Lab had the great opportunity to be present at the 13th Annual FIU Engineering Expo. The expo took place Friday Februay 21 from 9:30 am to 2 pm and hosted a variety of students from all of Miami-Dade and…..

Discovery Lab Open House on National Robotics Week

April 12th 2014 Register HERE National Robotics Week is coming to Florida International University. This series of robotics events hosted by School of Computing & Information Sciences and FIU Discovery Lab will take place on April 12th 2014.  Exciting and…..

National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work

¥éË¥éË   Feb. 12th 2014,  National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” introduced our TeleBot project with the title – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work –   TeleBot Project Contributors Faculty Advisor Dr. JongHoon Kim …..