FIU Engineering Expo

The Discovery Lab had the great opportunity to be present at the 13th Annual FIU Engineering Expo. The expo took place Friday Februay 21 from 9:30 am to 2 pm and hosted a variety of students from all of Miami-Dade and…..

National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work

¥éË¥éË   Feb. 12th 2014,  National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” introduced our TeleBot project with the title – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work –   TeleBot Project Contributors Faculty Advisor Dr. JongHoon Kim …..

Discovery Channel’s Documentary on the Telebot

The Discovery Channel visited us at the lab a few months back to do an Documentary on our work. The final video was aired yesterday and the clip will be online very soon. We will present the video here as…..

Recent Public Media

With the recent release of the RoboCop Movie, and it’s similarities to our Telebot, we had the fantastic opportunity to give a quick demo at the premier of the movie. We have to thank the Sonny Pictures associates for offering…..

“Real-Life Robocops” – TeleBot Story in FlipSide Magazine

The Telebot has been called the real RoboCop more times than I can count at this point, and they couldn’t be more right. Although our research is far from what the movies present, we have great hopes that the Telebot…..

TeleBot Story on the Empire Magazine

The Discovery Lab’s Telebot appeared as part of The Empire Magazine. The article was published with the premiere of the Robocop movie and was called “The real Robocop” by Comrad Emmett. They very much emphasize not only the similarities of…..

GC Pit Event and Discovery Lab Member Recruitment

Discovery Lab is Looking for New Talented Students   Applications for the 2014 Discovery Lab Student members will be accepted until Sunday, February 9th 2014. To apply complete the application form, and email your resume and application to Discovery Lab ( or bring them…..

Discovery Lab receives Award from the FIU CS Department

The Department of Computer Science hosted an event to honor the work of its staff and student members. One of the awards was for the Discovery Lab, for our work and the impact it has done for the community. The award…..