National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work



Feb. 12th 2014,  National Fox News “America’s Newsroom” introduced our TeleBot project with the title – Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded police officers & vets get back to work –


TeleBot Project Contributors

Faculty Advisor
Dr. JongHoon Kim  (Director of Discovery Lab and TeleBot Project Manager)
Dr. Nagarajan Prabakar (Senior Research Advisor)
Dr. S.S. Iyengar   ( Director of SCIS )

External Supporter
U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jeremy Robins  (#)
3D Designer and Lab Manager : Mangai Prabakar

Undergraduate Student

Vision System  :  Williams Chavez-Salinas and Irvin Cardenas  (&)
Test Pilot & Motion Control : Joel Villasuso and Charlotte Farolan
Human Interface Design  : Jaime Danow
Hand Development   : Antonio Triana
Manufacturing Team  :  Alejandro Diaz
Arm Motion :  Daniela Chavez Guevara

Arm Motion : Micheal Waddell

TeleBot Simulator : Jose Maldorado

TeleBot Core Development : Giuseppe Vietri  (*)

Balance Team: Maylem Gonzalez (*)

Multi-TeleBot Management System: Cynthia Tope  (*)

Discovery Lab High School Intern

Balance Team:  Aaron Perl  (+)



(#) Jeremy donated $20,000 to TeleBot Project April 27, 2012.

(&) Irvin was selected as “Class of 2013 HENAAC Scholars” at the Great Minds  in STEM and Booz Allen Hamilton

(*) Giuseppe, Cynthia and Maylem were participated at 2013 Summer FIU REU program sponsored by NSF (Grant No. CNS-125124)

(+)  Aarol is a high school student at MAST Academy, Virginia Key, FL 33149