Efficient Concurrent Operations of Telepresence Avatars

Efficient Concurrent Operations of Telepresence Avatars

Jong-Hoon Kim, Nagarajan Prabakar, Cynthia Tope


Telepresence robot extends operation in remote locations as avatars. The remote physical presence application will enable individuals with mobility limitations such as disabled veteran or police officer to perform regular duties through telepresence robots known as avatars or TeleBots. Certain scenarios require many officers to operate on several TeleBots (1:1, 1:many, many:1, or many:many) in the same service area. Thus, we need an intelligent, fault tolerant management system to support these scenarios.

This system requires dynamic resource allocation such as communication bandwidth, battery power, spatial proximity, etc. In addition, conflicts among the concurrent telepresence operations need to be resolved efficiently. We propose a novel architecture that provides a fault tolerant multi telepresence robot Management System. This system will allow us to coordinate the assignment, scheduling, monitoring, and administrating multi telepresence robots and multi operators efficiently.  Further, we present strategies to resolve conflicts among concurrent operations.

Full paper : ISR-13_Concurrent_Avatars.pdf