TeleBot Brochure

TeleBot  Brochure

Easton LaChappelle visits the Discovery Lab

The Discovery Lab had the pleasure of having Easton LaChappelle working with us here at the lab for a week. Easton LaChappelle is a High School student from Colorado who has quite some experience in the field of animatronics. He had the opportunity to show his research to president Obama in the third annual White House Science Fair. His arm control designs are very ingenious and his understanding of robotics helped us further our own research. Easton had just returned from an internship at NASA when he came to the Discovery Lab. He had been working on the mechanical design of a teleoperated robotic arm, which is part of the work we do here at the Discovery Lab. Even after such a trip, he was amazed with our work on the Telebot, and was eager to help us. Althought short, his visit to the Discovery Lab gave us a different perspective on the idea of robotic Telepresence and provided us with inspiration for the future of the Telebot.


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