GC Pit Event and Discovery Lab Member Recruitment

Discovery Lab is Looking for New Talented Students


Applications for the 2014 Discovery Lab Student members will be accepted until Sunday, February 9th 2014.

To apply complete the application form, and email your resume and application to Discovery Lab (discoverylab@cis.fiu.edu) or bring them directly to the lab (ECS-232). 

We encourage you to visit our GC Pit Event ( Feb 3rd, 10AM – 2PM at GC Pit) and submit it at the event desk.

Application : MembershipApplicantInformation.pdf


Areas of Interest

A. Robotics Project

– TeleBot Project ( Project Demo Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvQNnRpmalY ) –

1) Robot Design & Manufacturing

2) Circuit Design & Embedded Programming

3) Robot Motion Controlling

4) Robot Vision Controlling

5) Human-Robot-Interface Design & Programming

–  UAV Project –

1) UAV Design & Programming



1) Mathematical physics

2) Physic Simulation Programming


C. Smart Home Project

1) Home Automation System Development

2) Sensor Network


D. Event & Public Relation 

     1) Web and Event Management 

     2) Media Relations

     3) Public Relations