Intel Open House

On thursday May 16, representatives of Intel Corporation paid a visit to our campus. The representatives visited the Engineering Center and took a tour of the Engineering and Computer Science Building in the Modesto A Maidique Campus (MMC). They talked about the life of an Intel worker and its benefits. They also encouraged student her to apply for a position in their company. While they visited they also gave away two laptops thought a raffle. 

When visiting the Discovery Lab, the Intel representatives were introduced to several of the members of our team, as well as the Director or our lab, Dr Jong-Hoon Kim. When talking about about one of aour current projects, the Telebot, the Intel representatives congratulated us on our work and encoraged us to continue our work.
Although short, the event was very informative and encouraging for all of us. We are looking forward to another event with leading corporations like Intel.

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