“Real-Life Robocops” – TeleBot Story in FlipSide Magazine

The Telebot has been called the real RoboCop more times than I can count at this point, and they couldn’t be more right. Although our research is far from what the movies present, we have great hopes that the Telebot will bring as many benefits as the idea of a robotic body brings to RoboCop. The idea is essentially the same, to bring all those physically disabled, yet well trained and capable veterans back to the work force, improving their lifes and possibilities. For this we have recently been featured in magazines such as the Flip Side. This gets us one step closer to having human controlled robotic units patrolling the streets and making metropolitan areas safer.


Full Story : http://www.emagine.uk.net/GP_EXPO/Pageturner/Pageturner.lasso?REF=91FLS1432