CS4HS Google Workshop

From Thursday June 13 to Saturday June 15, the Discovery Lab hosted an event sponsored by Google. The event is Computer Science for High school Students (CS4HS) and it was a complete success.  

The event consisted of several lectures on programming and hardware given by Dr Jong-Hoon Kim and Dr Nagarajan Prabakar, as well as hands on exercises that led to the final project; a remotely controlled robot. There were a total of 24 attendees, each of which was given a kit with all the parts necessary for the project. The attendees not only were taught about the hardware and software needed for the event, but had also the chance to see the Discovery Lab from within.

Although the attendees to the event had many questions and technical problems with the hardware and software, the event went on smoothly thanks to the help of the many volunteers that aided in the process. All the volunteers are members of the Discovery Lab, which allowed the students to have a more personal contact with the lab’s researchers.

Once the event was finished, the attendees were given a certificate of completion as a small memento of the event. Even once the workshop had concluded, many students and teachers wanted to stay and keep working on their projects, proof of their involvement and liking of the event.

Hopefully, more workshops like this one are on their way for the Discovery Lab.


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