Discovery Lab Summer Robotics Workshop for High School Students

Join us for our Robotics Summer Camp.
July 16 –  19.

Students will learn how to build a UAV (Quad copter) using an Arduino based microcontroller, sensors, wireless communication, etc.

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Workshop Schedule

July 16th


9:30AM ~ 4:00PM

July 17th


9:30AM ~ 4:00PM

July 18th 


9:30AM ~ 4:00PM

 July 19th


9:30AM ~ noon

Introduction to Telerobotics   Introduction to Processing IDE

(build a quad copter monitoring and control system)

Wireless Communication  Final Tune up
 Embedded Programming with Arduino

(build a remote contoller)

 Sensor and Controlling  Integration Test Quad Copter Competition 
 3D Printing Using Google Sketchup & MakreBot 3D printer  Assemble a Quad Copter using 3D printed parts  Test Flight  



Youtube video about Discovery Lab Workshop Quad Copter


 This workshop is sponsored by FIU Discovery Lab and Ultimate Software.